Future studies

Further your education

A neuroscience degree offers you the flexibility to pursue graduate studies in a wide range of fields. If you are considering a professional career in neuroscience, you should plan on completing the undergraduate honours degree and continue on to graduate school.

A master of science (MSc) degree usually takes about two years to complete, while a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree takes an additional three to five years. The doctorate will qualify you to teach in a college or university, to carry out research, and—with an internship—to enter professional practice.

With an undergraduate neuroscience degree, you might also consider further study in any of the following areas:

  • medicine (MD)
  • dentistry (DDS)
  • pharmacy (BScPharm)
  • law (JD/LLB)
  • audiology
  • clinical psychology
  • orthoptics
  • optometry

Questions about future studies?

Contact an advisor
Advisor working with a student

If you have questions about future study options or the best approach to reach your career goals, we encourage you to contact an advisor.