Josh Bowdridge talks about 2nd year

A day in the life

Josh Bowdridge talks about 2nd year


The profs here are really approachable. I actually met Dr. Duffy just by walking up and asking him if he had any opportunities in his lab. So I encourage people to just talk to profs and see what's available.

Understanding the systems of the brain

About to graduate from high school, Josh Bowdridge was charting his route along the path to a biochemistry degree. But then a first-year Psychology course opened his eyes to the exciting opportunities in Dal’s Neuroscience program. 

"I became interested in Neuroscience because I could study a combination of cell biology and psychology," Josh explains. "I also really like music and wanted to understand why."  

Aside from learning how the brain works overall, Josh discovered “how it works at a molecular level—it's interesting to learn about the functions of the brain in more depth," he says. "I think my favourite course so far was Systems Neuroscience—it’s an introduction to the functional systems of the brain, and you get a really good overview of those systems. It gave me a good idea of the areas I'd like to explore further."

Born and raised in Halifax, Josh considered universities in other parts of the country. But he found everything he was looking for at Dalhousie, including a Dalhousie renewable scholarship.

"I did the International Baccalaureate program in high school, and that helped me with the application,” he notes, adding, “Dal's application process is really easy—by writing one essay, I was eligible for a broad range of scholarships." 

He also found new friends during Orientation week. “The dances were fun and the concerts were cool,” he says. “It was good to meet people, especially since I live at home. It really gives you that sense of being in a group.”

When he started at Dal, Josh’s ultimate goal was med school. But now, the Neuroscience program has him considering a variety of careers. "I'm keeping my options open," he says. "Your perspective changes as you learn where your interests lie, so it's important to consider a variety of courses."

In his downtime, Josh plays guitar and also coaches flag football with Football NS. "If want to get involved in sports, but not at the varsity level, there are so many opportunities through recreational clubs at Dal or teams throughout the city," he says.

Between school and the lab and his extracurricular activities, Josh admits, "It can be pretty time consuming, but if you're doing things you enjoy, you'll find a way to make it all work."