Sample classes

Our courses teach you how to problem solve. We offer a well-rounded set of courses that will be of use to any student, whether they major in mathematics, economics, oceanography or physics.

“The good thing about our department is that people here have quite a good reputation for teaching. A lot of faculty have got awards for teaching.” says Alan Coley, a university research professor of mathematics.

Another big advantage at Dalhousie is the small size of our program.  

"You get a lot of personal attention. There’s a lot of project work. Basically, we try to educate the students so they can solve problems on their own," says Jeannette Janssen.

MATH 2120
Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

A comprehensive introduction to the theory of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), which is a broad field in pure and applied mathematics with numerous applications in other sciences. The topics include: special types of ODEs of 1st order, homogeneous and inhomogeneous linear ODEs with constant coefficients, Laplace transforms, systems of ODEs.

Prerequisites: MATH 1010.03 and MATH 2030.03, or permission of the instructor.
Exclusions: MATH 3110.03

MATH 3070
Theory of Numbers

Topics include: congruences and residues; elementary properties of congruences, linear congruences, theorems of Fermat, Euler and Wilson, Chinese remainder theorem, quadratic residues, law of quadratic reciprocity, Legendre, Jacobi and Kronecker symbols, arithmetic functions, algebraic fields, algebraic numbers and integers, uniqueness of factorization, elementary properties of ideals, and class number.

Prerequisites: MATH 2040.03 (or 2135.03)

MATH 3400
Classical Game Theory

This course will cover the important concepts of classical game theory: game trees, dominance, zero-sum games, saddle points, utility theory, non-zero sum games, Nash equilibrium, non-competitive solutions, Prisoner's dilemma, Chicken, Newcomb's problem. There will be applications to many areas including anthropology, biology, business, economics and philosophy.

Prerequisites: MATH 2030.03

Certificate programs for Mathematics students
Mathematics Statistics students

Read about the special certificates we offer to mathematics and statistics students who complete required courses as part of their 20-credit degree program.

  • Certificate in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
  • Certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Certificate in Data Analytics

If you want to pursue a career in applied mathematics for either a financial or governmental institution, these certificates are invaluable.