Future studies

Our graduates have gone on to graduate studies in mathematics at leading universities in
Canada and the US. There are notable alumni who are now faculty at universities across North America.

If you've done an honours degree in mathematics, many students find a masters degree in mathematics their natural next step, because it offers you the ability to undertake a serious research project on your own.

Mathematics is central to the practice of many sciences – economics, psychology, biology, oceanography, statistics, or chemistry – so an undergraduate degree in math also puts you in a good position if you want to pursue graduate studies in another scientific field.

• Masters and PhD in mathematics
• Masters and PhD in econometrics
• MD

Notable alumni who became academics

While many undergraduates complete a masters degree, or even a doctorate, in mathematics with us, others choose to go elsewhere. Several have become professors of mathematics or related disciplines.

  • Erik Demaine, (BSc'95) Professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.  
  • Francis Zwiers (PhD'80) is a leading climate researcher and President and CEO of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium at the University of Victoria. 
  • Sageev Oore (BSc.Hons.'92) completed his Phd in computer science at the University of Toronto and now teaches at St. Mary's University.