Career opportunities

An undergraduate major in Marine Biology at Dalhousie qualifies you for technical positions in places like government fisheries laboratories, aquaculture farms, and consulting firms. In the Marine Biology program’s field schools or in the honours research courses, you’ll get plenty of hands-on opportunities to explore the ocean—preparing you for the exciting challenges of diverse marine-related careers.

Graduates from Marine Biology have gone on to pursue the following careers:

  • a marine biologist
  • an endangered species researcher
  • a professor
  • a veterinarian
  • a marine lawyer
  • a scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • a laboratory manager
  • a forensic biologist

Faculty story

Being a prof means teaching—and directing a global research project
Sara Iverson_marine bio (69x69)

Dr. Sara Iverson teaches courses in the Marine Biology program. She's also director of the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) Canada, part of a global initiative to investigate the effects of climate change on animal migration and diversity. She also travels to the Arctic region to study large marine predators, such as polar bears and the Northern fur seal. Find out more about Dr. Iverson's life as a professor.

"We're using new acoustic technologies to better understand how animals migrate, how that relates to oceanographic features and ocean dynamics, and the concurrent effects of climate change."