What will I learn?

The Bachelor of Management program draws from business, environmental studies, information management and public administration, giving graduates a broad and holistic view of management in today's modern environment.

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.


Combine relevant job experience with classroom studies

The optional paid internship for Bachelor of Management students is a minimum of 32 of weeks (approximately eight months) of consecutive, full-time work experience related to your studies and takes place between your third and final academic year.

Dalhousie offers one of the few CAFCE accredited management internship programs in Canada. Achieving the accreditation standards established by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education ensures that the program has a credible and valuable co-op educational strategy.

What you'll get out of it:

  • Valuable and relevant work experience
  • A pay cheque to help finance your education (or reduce your debt)
  • Transferable skills sought by employers
  • Essential job search skills
  • An opportunity to explore career interests before graduation
  • One full credit towards your degree
  • A network of contacts

Who is eligible and when to apply

The internship is open to all Bachelor of Management students and is optional. Though you apply during your second year, the internship begins after your third year of study.

Where will you do your Internship?

We encourage you to consider a wide variety of locations, industries, and sectors. Whether it's at a large multi-national corporation or a small not-for-profit organization – in Nova Scotia, throughout Canada, or abroad – we can help you narrow your interests and provide focus on the best internship opportunities for you.

Though internships are not guaranteed, you will be assigned a Career and Recruitment Specialist (CRS) from our Management Career Services (MCS) team who will assist you in securing your internship. Your CRS will connect with you during your internship to assess your progress and encourage continuous learning and development. An internship report will be required to successfully complete the internship.

Learn more about the Internship Program on the Management Career Services website