Why study Managed Landscapes at Dalhousie?

During your two-years of study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, the Managed Landscapes Technology Diploma program will provide you with hands-on preparation for an exciting and fulfilling career in landscaping and horticulture. You’ll experience skills-based training, combined with an enriched theoretical program that includes opportunities to study and travel abroad. 
And if you’re leaning more towards the business side of the horticulture industry, we’ll help you out there, too. 

Whether your goal is to pursue a career right after graduation or continue on to degree studies, the Managed Landscapes program will prepare you for the future. Find solutions to environmental challenges in the landscape. Do something creative and meaningful that improves the quality of other people’s lives. Leave your mark—become a horticulturalist.

The Managed Landscapes program is a fully approved Certified Horticultural Technician integrated educational program. We are recognized by the International Certification Council (ICC) and the Certification Committee of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA). Interested students can apply for a Passport to Certification that enables modular training and testing toward international recognition as a Certified Horticultural Technician. 

In addition to being a stand-alone diploma, the Managed Landscapes program is the first two years of Dalhousie’s Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Landscape Horticulture, allowing you to choose to go on and earn your degree in just two more years.

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