What will I learn?

Core courses will prepare you for work in professional settings, including the ability to analyze and design projects that meet landscape standards of functionality, construction, efficiency, sustainability and aesthetic value. You will also develop the skills to build the maps, models, and images used in professional portfolios and presentations. Additional courses will cover topics such as forest management and ecohydrology, helping you develop a thorough understanding of this exciting, important field.

Some of the courses you can take include:

Visual communications: Landscape Presentation Techniques
Technical drawing: Construction and Detailing
Design: Landscape Architecture Design Studios
Arboriculture: Urban Tree Management
Watershed planning: Ecohydrology

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Research opportunities

Research informs and enriches education at Dalhousie. As part of the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Landscape Architecture program offers students the chance to learn from faculty members conducting a variety of important research projects. 

The natural environment and facilities at the Agricultural Campus also gives students in the Landscape Architecture program opportunities to apply concepts learned in the classroom.

From top modern technology to unique green spaces, our facilities include:

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.