Study abroad opportunities

Italian Studies program exchange opportunities

The Dalhousie Italian Program offers two study abroad opportunities: an exchange in Macerata (for more advanced students), and a summer program in Urbino (for all skill levels).

"Students come back with a lot of enthusiasm, better knowledge of Italian peculiarities –complex bureaucracy, cars that don't stop when you cross the street – but also the friendship and warm hospitality of the people," says Paolo Matteucci, assistant professor in the Italian Studies department. "Marcerata, is small city. It's big enough to have a life like Halifax does, but small enough that it's not too expensive, like Milan or Venice."

If you're thinking of taking one of these exchanges, talk it over with the Italian students from Macerata on exchange at Dalhousie. They come to our Italian courses and also work as volunteers in the department.

Exchange program at the Università di Macerata

Live in Macerata and study at one of the oldest universities in Italy.  The city of Macerata has much to offer, from its cathedral and Roman ruins, to its annual opera festival. This program would be a great opportunity to experience modern Italian life and culture and is ideally suited to the more advanced student.

Summer abroad program at the Università Carlo Bo

If you are more interested in taking a shorter course, Dalhousie offers a summer immersion program in the medieval town of Urbino.  As well as being the birthplace of the artist Raphael, Urbino offers a large amount of attractions for those interested in art, history and architecture.  This program is suited to anyone with an interest in Italian culture, and a desire to build a strong foundation in the Italian language.