Sara Abdo talks about third year

A day in the life

Sara Abdo talks about third year

Sara Abdo

I loved first year Italian which is why I decided to continue with it. My professor was very genuine and passionate about the language and did all he could to ensure that his students got the help that they needed.

Following in her father's footsteps

Sara Abdo is a microbiology and immunology major who wants a career in the health professions.

Still, she believes it’s important to study the arts to be a well-rounded person, so when the time came to choose arts courses, she thought of her father and picked Italian.

“My father passed away when I was seven, but he introduced languages to my sister and I from a young age. He spoke five different languages and Italian was one of them. I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” she explains.

Italian courses are intimate, Sara says. You build relationships with students and professors.

“The professor I had first-year was really genuine about getting the language across to his students,” she remembers. “It wasn’t just about the language. He went out of his way to bring in cultural aspects of Italy. One time he brought a game in for us to play that he used to play in his childhood. That was cool.”

This year, she’s taking Italian Literature. She devoted her spare time last year to reading Dante’s Inferno – in Italian, no less.

“I won’t lie – I cheat every once and a while and look at the English side to make sure I was understanding everything properly,” she says with a laugh.  

Sara’s lived in Halifax all her life, but her parents immigrated here from Egypt. She grew up speaking Arabic and English. She also spent six years in a French immersion school.

Languages come easy to her, but somehow Italian is special.

“I must admit, I think Italian is my favourite language. Hands down. Just the way it sounds is so beautiful.”