The student experience

Emma Eisses talks about 3rd year


The connections you build are just priceless. I have connections all over the world now. When I want to travel, I can call someone up in Latvia, France, Switzerland, China, Vietnam—all over the world, and not just for traveling, but business too.


Steven Gielen talks about 3rd year


I’m learning about what it takes to produce a food product from the raw materials to a consumer good – and that it’s really my ‘stuff’, and that’s really one of the benefits of this program – that you can do an internship and find out what you like.


Ryan Pederson talks about 1st year


We have a lot of projects, so planning out and writing down when stuff’s due really helped into the second semester.


Susan Sipos talks about 4th year


I just found it to be an incredible experience, (and have) a greater appreciation for all the resources and liberties we have in Canada.