What will I learn?

The first year of Dalhousie’s Integrated Environmental Management program focuses on foundation sciences like agriculture, biology, chemistry and calculus. In your second and third years, you’ll study technologies associated with biological and environmental systems as they apply to fiber fuel and food. You’ll apply your knowledge and experience to solve industry-related problems in fourth year, preparing you for a career in this growing and exciting discipline.

Courses cover a wide variety of topics like agriculture, water and food processing systems, mechanics of materials, structures and their environment, renewable energy as well as engineering measurements and controls. You can also choose from numerous electives in your areas of interest to tailor your degree how you want.

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.

Innovative and Pragmatic

We emphasize practical learning, cutting edge research opportunities and access to advanced technology for every student. The Department of Engineering features hands-on labs and experiments giving you exceptional exposure to facilities and interaction with faculty members. Our faculty are dedicated to helping you receive a strong engineering and science background for your future career and study.

We pride ourselves in providing:

  • Smaller class sizes, allowing for a better student/faculty ratio
  • A multi-cultural environment thriving on diversity of staff and students
  • Year-round opportunities to be involved with research projects during your studies
  • Collaborative work with undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty
  • Full access to state-of-the-art, world-class bioenvironmental engineering facilities
  • Full access to both metal and wood workshops
  • Community feel - get to know your faculty and staff personally

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