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Geoff Miller talks about third year

A day in the life

Geoff Miller talks about third year


You need to be ready to constantly learn.

‘Motivated to go that extra step’

When Geoff Miller made the decision to study Informatics at Dal, it was partially based on something his father told him.

“My dad is an accountant,” says the resident of Bedford, Nova Scotia. “He was talking to a client in the computer industry and the client told him that people with business skills are highly desired in the industry. Informatics is producing grads that have both the technical skills and the people skills to fill the current gap.”

As much as that tidbit of information pushed Geoff in the direction of Informatics, his decision was solidified when he attended Computer Science Day at Dalhousie on Valentine’s Day in 2009. A high school student at the time, he participated in a workshop where he learned about Python, a type of computer programming language.

Now that he’s a student at Dal, one of the things Geoff likes about the school is its atmosphere.

“People are always doing stuff and they are motivated to go that extra step,” he says.

On the right path

He’s also encouraged that after his first year of studies, he managed to land a summer job directly relating to Informatics.

While Geoff isn’t 100 percent sure what it is he will do after graduation, he feels the co-op program, which includes three study terms, will help him figure that out. And whatever that future career is, Geoff will be prepared for it.

“You have to be ready for change in the technology industry,” he says. “You need to be ready to constantly learn.”