Sample courses

The Indigenous Studies minor offers a diverse range of classes that reach across many different disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, health, philosophy and music.

One of many minor programs offered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Indigenous Studies provides students with a wide range of perspectives and teaching approaches that will enrich your understanding of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Students are required to complete six credit hours of core courses:

CANA 2050/HIST 2205
Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies

This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the history of encounters and relationships between indigenous peoples and European settlers in Canada. Topics may include treatise, colonial policy, residential schools, child welfare, resettlement, and the Indian Act. This course provides the necessary background to understand contemporary Indigenous issues.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

CANA 2052/SOSA 2052
Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Studies

This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to contemporary challenges faced by Indigenous peoples in Canada. Topics may include language and culture, land rights, economics, governance and treaty relationships, child welfare and education, health, social services, environmental issues, violence, criminal justice and self-determination, political mobilization and resistance, and decolonization.
FORMAT: Discussion

Prerequisites: CANA 2050 or HIST 2050

Select 12 credit hours from the following list:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • CANA 3002.03: Topics in Indigenous Studies (Indigenous Representation in Film)
  • CANA 3050.03: Indigenous Research Methodology and Knowledge Practices
  • HIST 2207.03/CANA 2207.03: Aboriginals and Empires – Canada’s Origins to 1763
  • HIST 3210.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
  • HIST 4255.03: Justice, Freedom and the State in Twentieth-Century Canada
  • MUSC 2022 X/Y.06: The Art and Science of Drumming
  • PHIL 4700.03: Philosophy of Race
  • POLI 2215.03: Canadian Aboriginal Politics: An Institutional Perspective
  • SOSA 2111.03/CANA 2111.03: Is There an Atlantic Canada?
  • SOSA 3002.03: Native Peoples of Canada
  • SOSA 3185.03/CANA 3185.03: Issues in the Study of Indigenous Peoples of North America

Faculty of Health Professions

  • IPHE 2201.03: Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples’ Health and Healing
  • HPRO 3360.03: Multicultural Health Promotion Research and Strategy
  • NURS 4330.03: Community-based Participatory Research with Indigenous Populations

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