Career opportunities

Find your calling

Graduates of the School of Health Sciences are in demand and are highly valued. To handle the increasing health-care needs of the Canadian population, educated professionals are required to work in the fields of cytology, ultrasound, radiological technology, nuclear medicine, and respiratory therapy.

You may find yourself working in a large hospital or a small clinic, dealing directly with patients or working in a lab. Or you could take a different route and end up in a career with a pharmaceutical company, a government agency, or even teaching the next generation of Health Sciences students.

Some career options to consider:

Alumni story

Finding her niche

Michelle MacMillan got her BHSc in Radiological Technology, worked as an X-ray technologist, and then decided she wanted a change. Using contacts she made during her time working in the field, she landed a job as a clinical education specialist for Philips Healthcare. She now travels to hospitals throughout North America to teach medical professionals how to use the company’s cardiovascular X-ray equipment.

"Having the Health Sciences degree gave me even more of an edge in this career. Particular courses I took are directly related to my success in getting the job."