Study abroad opportunities

University-wide exchanges

Some of your most life-changing experiences at university can take place in another country. Dalhousie Student Exchange Services (DSES) provides students with information about programs and plenty of inspiration to encourage students to study abroad.

All Dalhousie University students can take advantage of the following exchanges and study abroad opportunities:

  • Exchange opportunities: Dalhousie has university exchange partners around the world. We can also help to arrange an exchange with a university not on our list.
  • Study abroad programs: Spend a year at Oxford University, the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle, the Universities of Edinburgh or St. Andrew’s in Scotland, or the University of Dublin, Trinity College, in Ireland.

Outside the classroom

A castle with a view

In 2010, Marilyn Smulders took a Dalhousie summer course in the Czech Republic—Advanced Seminar in Baroque Culture (HIST 4162)—where she immersed herself in history in Ceský Krumlov Castle.

"From the window, you can see terracotta roofs of houses wrapped cheek-by-jowl around a horseshoe bend of the Vltava, a fast-running river cutting across this beautiful Eastern European country."