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Navigate the past to make sense of the present

Our courses span the globe and historical periods, break down national barriers, and cross disciplines.

You can take courses that deal with our new emphasis on transnational history as well as dive into those that draw from our rich base in medieval, British, European, Russian, African, Middle Eastern, Atlantic World history, and the history of the Americas.

Many of our courses are cross-listed with other departments in the university, including International Development Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, European Studies, Law and Society, Canadian Studies, Russian Studies, and Sustainability.


Inside the classroom

Food for thought

History professor Amal Ghazal, a self-confessed foodie, says that food can serve not only as a “window into Islamic customs,” it can also serve a political purpose: dismantling stereotypes about Islamic cultures. That's why she created a third-year course focusing on the cultural and political importance of what we eat, Food for Thought: History and the Culinary Cultures of the Islamic World.