Rachel Max (King's)

A day in the life

Rachel Max (King's)


I was amazed at how many history courses were offered and how diverse they were. There really was something for everything I was interested in.

Critical thinking

Toronto native Rachel Max knew enough about Nova Scotia before she finished high school to be certain she wanted to come to the province for university. She spent her summers on the south shore at a camp in Lunenburg. And there was no question as to what she would study.

“I came out to do the Foundation Year Program at King’s College, knowing that I’d be going into History at Dal in second year,” she says. “I’ve always loved history and I wasn’t ready to stop learning what I was enjoying in high school.”

While she plans to write her honours thesis about the Imperial era of Russian history, Rachel has been trying to get a taste of the program’s broad scope. So far she has taken courses that focus on everything from Latin America to Canada and early modern history.

Besides the range of topics covered, Rachel is most impressed with the History faculty. “I’ve got to know every prof and they all know me by name,” she says. “They’ve gone above and beyond, and that surprised me at a school as big as Dal. I feel like I’ve really formed relationships with them.”

Out of the classroom, Rachel has spent the past couple of years creating and running a student society called ROW (Repair Our World). The group encourages fellow students to volunteer for local causes, whether it be teaching computer skills to seniors or organizing food drives.

So what’s the plan for after graduation? Some travel, some work, and then on to grad school—perhaps for social work.

“I’m interested in the social justice aspect of social work, and I think my history degree will come in very useful,” she says. “After all, in history we look at how people and cultures can be changed by outside influences. And the program has taught me to think critically. You can apply that skill toward any degree or field.”