Lynne Patterson (BA'98)

A day in the life

Lynne Patterson (BA'98)


Dalhousie allowed me to have a great end to my swimming career and start moving in the right direction to my professional life.

Stick with what you like

It wasn’t Lynne Patterson’s intention to pursue history as a major when she arrived at Dal, but sometimes things just fall neatly into place.

“I had originally started as a physical education major but I had to pick a ‘teachable’ minor, so I chose history,” she says. “After a couple of years I realized my history marks were much better than my PE marks, because I enjoyed the courses much more. So I switched majors.”

The Dartmouth, N.S. native was a competitive swimmer and initially chose Dal because of its strong swim team.

“I was a pretty serious athlete and didn't really know what I wanted to be when I grew up,” she says. “But I knew Dal had a good reputation and lots of choices. In fact, that's what I liked about the History program. As I developed new interests there was usually a course related to it: pop culture, international development, South African history, women’s studies.”

Lynne realized she had made the right choice when one of her History profs assigned some novels for the class to read. “As a crazy bookworm, I knew then I was in the right place,” she says. “And researching and writing history papers was a great kick-start to what I would do later as a journalist.”

Using her history degree as a foundation, Lynne went on to the one-year Journalism program at the University of King’s College. She then worked as the calendar editor for Victoria’s alternative weekly, Monday Magazine, and managing editor at Halifax’s weekly, The Coast.

Lynne is now a captain in the Canadian air force working for Navy Public Affairs where she does internal and external communications for the military.

“Now, as a Canadian Forces member, history—and military history—is often a focus of my job.”