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The Health Promotion program offers you the chance to take a variety of unique courses that will prepare you for a successful career. In first year you’ll take a broad range of introductory courses in the School of Health and Human Performance as well as from different departments including Computer Science, Statistics, Anatomy, Sociology, and Physiology. After your first year you choose between entering the Community Health Promotion stream and the Research and Policy stream.

The 14-week internship in the final year of the program takes you out of the classroom and provides you with hands-on work experience to augment your studies.

HPRO 1000
Introduction to Health, Health Promotion and Health Professions

This course provides the philosophical and practical scope of the School’s unique perspective on health. It includes an examination of theories, research, politics and practices that have helped to define health, and health promotion as an umbrella for health-related activities. An historical perspective of health and healthcare is offered and current international, national and local issues are considered. Also included is an introduction to the professional streams offered in the School and how they fit into health promotion and the Canadian healthcare system.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

HPRO 2120
Health Promotion Policy

You'll study how policy is developed, approved, and changed based on research and evidence, and how to influence political decision-making for the adoption of new or changed policy. Through the use of case studies, you'll critically analyze existing health promotion policies and understand issues related to policy interpretation, application and compliance at national, provincial and local levels.

Prerequisites: HPRO/HEED 1195

HPRO 3325
Mental Health Promotion

Concepts and issues of mental health will be explored through an examination of related theories, research, writings and practices. Emphasis is placed on promoting individual and community mental health, but mental illness and its treatment are included. As well, you'll study mental health-related organizations and services.

Prerequisites: PSYO 1021 and PSYO 1022 or PSYO 1011 and PSYO 1012, HAHP 2000, or permission of instructor

HPRO 3335
Introduction to Disease Prevention

This class explores the concept of disease, the study of disease, and the causes of disease from the perspective of prevention. Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies and methods are examined, along with the role of the health promotion specialist. Selected communicable diseases will be used to illustrate these concepts.

Prerequisites: ANAT 1020 or ANAT 1010, HPRO/HEED 1195, PHYL 1010 or PHYL 1000, or PHYL 2030, or permission of instructor


Meet our students

James Lively

Current student and Dartmouth native James Lively’s take on his Dal Health Promotion program and the importance of making communities healthier.

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Becky Spencer

Health Promotion Instructor Becky Spencer guides her class in a mindfulness session to help with the stresses of school life.