The student experience

Quèsha Glasgow talks about first year

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I’m taking Gender and Women's Studies to make myself feel more comfortable in my skin. It will help me find out who I am before I go out in the world.


Alex Hughes talks about first year


“I have been so incredibly inspired by the energy here and by the students,. Students here really want to make a difference and they are making a difference.”


Emilia Volz talks about second year

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In one class, we looked at black masculinity, as well as the bodybuilder ideal—and how men are actually just as oppressed as women in some ways. It was really eye-opening.


Brock Masko talks about third year

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I’ve learned more about the struggle that women have to go through day to day—it’s a lot more complicated than I realized. I have a better understanding that women have different issues from men.


Juliana Serroul talks about fourth year

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I think there’s a misconception about what gender and women’s studies is. The class material wasn’t just about women’s rights and how women perceive the world. It was more like an introduction to human studies than gender and women’s studies.


Shannon Pringle talks about fourth year

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I found a place for my passion for work in an area that might be considered unconventional. Sexuality is still sometimes taboo in academia, but my passion for this subject was embraced here. It was wonderful.