Future studies

Taking courses in German language, literature, and philosophy prepares you for the challenges and demands of future studies in a number of areas. One option is to do a Master of Arts (MA) degree in German studies, concentrating on any period or aspect of the history of German literature and thought.

And after completing your MA in German, you might decide to work towards a PhD. No matter your eventual research interests, a broad understanding of the works of thinkers from the Enlightenment to the 21st century will support your explorations.

Having a background in German philosophy will also be invaluable if you decide to pursue a degree in another field, such as law. Tackling the tenets of Hegel, Goethe, Kant and others will flex your mind in preparation for the rigors of further study.

And if you’ve combined your German studies with another program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences—or with the Environment, Sustainability and Society program—there’s almost no limit to what you might choose to do.

Student story

Finding "nerdy joy" in words
petra_o_toole_german (69x69)

Recently graduated with a BA in Theatre and German, Petra O'Toole hadn't expected to pursue either discipline. But on top of the "nerdy joy" she found in learning the German language, there was something special about Dal's German Department—in fact, she's returning to Dal this fall to begin her MA in German literature. Read Petra's story.