Inside the classroom

The Department of German gives you plenty of opportunities to practice your language skills—and acquire new ones. And the small class sizes create a friendly classroom atmosphere—so even the shyest learner will feel comfortable making the mistakes that sometimes come with practicing a new language. The professors are always available if you need extra help, either during or after class.

Upper-level students who have already acquired some proficiency in the German language say that courses in philosophy and literature offer unparalleled insight into German history and culture. No matter whether your professor’s area of expertise is in philosophers of the Enlightenment or in translation theory, they’re all keen to help you make your studies in German a rewarding and memorable experience.

Faculty story

Shoes... for hands?
Brigid_Garvey_1_039 (2)

Did you know that the German language combines nouns to make new words—and that gloves, "Handschuh," is translated as shoes for hands? Brigid Garvey, a senior instructor in Dal's German Department, uses a variety of games and activities designed to encourage students to learn and use new vocabulary. Find out more about her courses and teaching methods.