Career opportunities

A global preparation

One of the greatest benefits of Dal’s European Studies program is how multidisciplinary it is. During your degree, you could choose to take courses in our History, Political Science, Economics, Classics, Literature, Music, Film, Philosophy, Gender and Women’s Studies, and other departments and programs—including courses in a European language.

The breadth of knowledge and the critical thinking skills you’ll acquire will help prepare you for a position in the organizations, fields, or sectors listed below:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs/Department of External Affairs
  • Government departments, in North America or the European Union
  • International trade
  • International law
  • Academia
  • International security
  • Languages
  • Web marketing/sales
  • Human rights reform
  • Arts and culture

And after you graduate with a degree in European Studies from Dal, your possible careers paths are as varied as your individual interests. Here’s a selection of the careers or jobs you might be qualified for with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in European Studies (some additional education or training may be required):

  • Administrator/public affairs officer
  • Ambassador or diplomat in an EU country
  • Communications officer
  • Director of European studies program
  • Economist
  • English as a second language instructor
  • Filmmaker
  • Grant writer
  • Journalist/foreign correspondent in Europe
  • Lawyer
  • Liaison officer for the EU
  • Professor
  • Policy advisor
  • Political watchdog
  • Political advisor
  • Politician
  • Researcher
  • Speechwriter for NATO or other trans-Atlantic organization
  • Translator/interpreter