Transfer applicants

As a transfer applicant, you must meet our general admission requirements. If you don’t currently meet these requirements, you may be eligible for one of our upgrading or pathway program.

You may also be eligible to receive transfer credits to go towards your Dalhousie degree.

Are you eligible for transfer credits?

To be assessed, you’ll need to:

  • Apply and be admitted to Dalhousie
  • Confirm your attendance by paying the $200 CAD admission deposit
  • Have completed the course within the transfer credit time period
  • Have achieved a final grade of “C” or higher in the course

How to apply for transfer credit

Carefully follow the steps below. Ensure any website links you provide in your request link directly to the individual course. 

Please note: You may want to delay registering for courses that are being reviewed for transfer credit. Registering may forfeit your ability to receive the transfer credit if it’s granted.

Transfer credit terminology

Course description

A brief outline of the material covered in a class, generally available either from the university or college’s website or academic calendar.

Course outline/ syllabus

Typically includes a course description, required textbooks, evaluation tactics, contact information for the professor, and other important course information. This is usually handed out to the class at the beginning of the course. You should be able to contact your professor who taught the class or the relevant department at your university or college to obtain a copy.

Transfer credit time period

Students have a specified time period in which to complete their undergraduate degree (varies by program, see Section 15 of the Academic Regulations). If the class you’d like to receive credit for was completed outside this time period, but meets all the other requirements, we’ll ask you to complete a waiver form.


If you have any questions, please contact the transfer credit team by phone 902.494.2450 or email