Study abroad opportunities

University-wide exchanges

Some of your most life-changing experiences at university can take place in another country. Dalhousie Student Exchange Services (DSES) provides students with information about programs and plenty of inspiration to encourage students to study abroad.

All Dalhousie University students can take advantage of the following exchanges and study abroad opportunities:

Exchanges available to ESS students

Depending on your degree combination, you could arrange a study abroad semester (or year) through the department or program you’re combining with ESS.

For example, if you’re doing a double major in ESS and International Development Studies (IDS), you’ll have opportunities to study in Africa or Cuba through the IDS program. You can choose either the Cuba Intensive Program or the longer option, the Cuba Semester Program. But both are open to all students, not just IDS majors. 

If you’ve chosen a double major in ESS and Spanish, German, or French, you’ll have various options to study abroad. The Department of Spanish has student exchange partnerships with universities in Salamanca, Spain; Campeche, Mexico; and Havana, Cuba. The Department of German has exchange partnerships with a university in Freiberg, Germany, as well as with universities in Poland and Hungary.

If French is your other major, you might study in Dijon, France for up to a year, or in Dakar, Senegal for a semester; other opportunities for study in Quebec or Martinique are offered from time to time.

Through the Department of Russian Studies, you could spend four months at Saint Petersburg State University, taking intensive classes in language, literature, culture, and history.