Work on sustainability issues in the community—before you graduate

You probably figure you have to wait till you graduate to find a job related to your field of study. But wouldn’t you like a leg up on the job market by getting hands-on experience before you graduate?

Internships through the College of Sustainability in your third and fourth years provide opportunities to get that hands-on experience. You’ll use the knowledge learned in your ESS classes toward helping organizations in your community solve complex sustainability issues.

Your internship might be in a business, a non-profit organization, a government department—or even right on the Dalhousie campus. You’ll work individually in a group of other like-minded students to address a question relevant to the environment and sustainability.

During a one-semester internship in your third year, you’ll work on a project to gain hands-on experiences while pursuing questions of personal and academic interest relevant to the field.

In your fourth year, you’ll take the capstone course, in which you’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team of students tackling real-world ESS issues in local organizations. Your team will work with community partner organizations to identify sustainability problems and to develop meaningful strategies to address them. In collaboration with advisors and experts, your group will create detailed plans of action based on strong research and analysis.

Here are just a few of the internships ESS students have taken part in:

  • adapting the Dalhousie Green Guide for universities in other countries
  • creating a CKDU radio series on Nova Scotia food sovereignty
  • designing a communications strategy for Bicycle Nova Scotia
  • working as a stewardship assistant with Parks Canada for species at risk
  • spending the summer on an organic farm in Ontario as a summer research assistant


Learn hands-on skills—and earn some money
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The Sustainability News blog frequently posts internships, jobs, and volunteer positions as they become available at various businesses and community organizations in Halifax and elsewhere. ESS students have the opportunity to apply to anything from positions at a wilderness resort in Cape Breton, to being an outreach coordinator at Dal's own Loaded Ladle, an student-run organization serving healthy and affordable meals. See the most recent postings.