Combining programs

How to mix ESS with another field of study

The College of Sustainability is an interdisciplinary college that requires you to choose another area of study to pair with ESS. You have many options to pair ESS with another of the different Faculties at Dalhousie:

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Double major or combined honours. As part of a double major or combined honours program, ESS can be combined with any other Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science subject.

Bachelor of Community Design (BCD)

Double major of combined honours. ESS can be combined with the Bachelor of Community Design program as a Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability. A Double Major or Combined Honours is also available in Environmental Planning or Urban Design Studies and Sustainability.

Bachelor of Informatics (BInf) or Bachelor of Management (BMgmt)

Major. ESS can be combined with a Bachelor of Informatics or a Bachelor of Mangement as a major subject.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

In the Bachelor of Science program, ESS can be combined with most of the Faculty of Science Major or Honours subjects. If you wish to combine ESS with a Major or Honours in Computer Science, ESS must be the second Major/Honours. If you want to combine ESS with a Major or Honours in Oceanography, ESS must be the first Major/Honours subject.

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCSci)

Minor. If you wish to complete a Bachelor of Computer Science, you can study ESS as a Minor subject.


Synthesizing subjects

Combining economics, ESS, and journalism
9_20110408_DA_microsite__Sam_Littlefield-Wallace_11268-P-060216 (2) (214x214)

Sam Littlefair-Wallace, going into his second year with a double major in Economics and the Environment, Sustainability & Society program, is also doing a minor in Journalism. Find out why Sam thinks combining these diverse subjects creates a synthesis—and how it's helping him learn to think critically.

"All my classes compliment each other so well."