Inside the classroom

Learning will happen in the traditional classroom setting—and beyond. You’ll also attend weekly lectures by guest speakers and other events focusing on environment and sustainability issues. Even film screenings are learning opportunities and often relate to topics discussed in class.

As part of your third- and fourth-year course load, you’ll participate in internships on and off campus. Using the knowledge you’ve gained in your previous classes—both in ESS and in your other primary subject area—you’ll get first-hand problem-solving experience, working with community groups and local businesses. Learning comes not just from the research you do, but the conversations you share with your classmates and professors.

Where the classroom can take you...

Taking a dip in Sharkwater
Rob Stewart photo

As part of its efforts to provide students with a broad awareness of sustainability issues, the College of Sustainability sometimes screens films on Thursday nights. One such film was Rob Stewart's Sharkwater, a documentary about the decline of shark populations—a result of not only overfishing sharks for sharkfin soup, but also of misguided fear, stemming from idea that killing these "dangerous predators" will make waters safer for humans. Read an article about the film, written by the director himself. Photo: Rob Stewart

"The reality, which most scuba divers know, is that sharks are mostly benign to humans," says Rob Stewart, "and are incredibly important animals to life on Earth."