Sample courses

The English program offers you the opportunity to take a wide range of courses that reflect the diverse nature of English language literature. The design of the program gives you flexibility in what you take, allowing you to match your studies to your interests. Check the Academic Timetable to see current courses. 

ENGL 1000
Introduction to English Literature

Instructors:  English department faculty

English 1000 is about variety. The reading list and syllabus for each section can take you everywhere and anywhere. On the theory that English instructors teach best what they love to read, lecturers choose their favourite short stories, essays, novels, plays, and poems from English literature. Check the class descriptions on the Department of English website before choosing which section to register. These tell you more about what is taught in any given section.

Prerequisites: Anyone admitted to a degree program at Dalhousie is eligible to take English 1000. Students from nearly every degree program take this introductory course because it fulfills the Writing Requirement.

ENGL 2235
Tolkien: Fantasy and Medievalism

Instructor: K. Cawsey

J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most popular works of speculative fiction from the twentieth century, and established the norms for modern fantasy fiction as a genre. In creating Middle Earth and in the writing of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and other works, Tolkien was at once remarkably derivative and startlingly original. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of medieval literature and Norse mythology, but also incorporating modern concepts such as the anti-hero, pacifism, total war, weapons of mass destruction, industrialization and ecological devastation, Tolkien created a work that stands as one of the landmarks of twentieth-century culture and literature.

Prerequisites: Open to anyone who has successfully completed a Writing Requirement class in any field.

Inside the classroom

Improve your writing and teaching skills

In Lyn Bennett's course, ENG 3113: Writing Practice, students do an intensive study of grammar and rhetoric. Outside the classroom, they provide tutoring services to first-year students. They also copy edit scholarly articles scheduled for publication in an online academic journal.

“I’ve been interested in publishing for years, but it was only after Dr. Bennett’s course in Writing Practice that I truly became capable and confident in my abilities as an editor. The weekly tutoring and hands-on copyediting experience was immediately applicable to the rest of my degree,” says Leslie Gallagher, combined honours student in English and Creative Writing.