Research opportunities

Research in the Department of English ranges widely—not just to different historical periods, but to surprising topics within and across those periods, such as fraud, medieval romance, the history of copyright, health, hockey, and nationalism. Our faculty conducts internationally-recognized research on authors, editorial practice, the relationship of literature and philosophy and how people read, write and argue.

This research frequently shows up in our English courses, exposing you to the most up-to-date research in a field. Upper-levels courses often feature content that pays close attention to our own research projects.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Some undergraduate students have been involved in faculty research projects. Here are some examples:

Kala Hirtle’s experience:

“Working with Dr. Stone, I have learned HTML, TEI (text encoding initiative), encoded poems, and scanned reviews. We worked with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 1824 Journal, using a microfilm copy to create a PDF. And I 've been working to transcribe the most relevant and interesting parts of her journal. As part of the EBB Archive team, I also helped weigh in on decisions regarding the website layout and formatting. The two exhibits I focused on the most during my work with the project were Aurora Leigh and the 1824 Journal.”

Peter Chiykowski’s experience:

“Doing research work for Professor Furrow was definitely a highlight of my undergraduate degree. It was a baptism by fire, in that it not only forced me to rapidly learn a set of invaluable research skills but also provided firsthand experience of the pleasures and torments of living as a full-time academic. Fortunately for me, Professor Furrow was a brilliant and patient supervisor, willing to let me wade in over my head, make mistakes, and then talk through how to approach them.”

Outside the classroom

A chance to sharpen your wit

In the Department of English, the classroom is not the only place where you can develop communications skills. There's a raft of social activities that take place in our program to help English majors connect with one another.

Everyday, you’ll see students and faculty practising the art of a good conversation, exchanging ideas outside the classroom.

How you can get involved:

  • Fathom, an undergraduate journal of creative writing
  • Verso, an undergraduate journal of literary criticism
  • Literary contests all year round
  • Departmental speakers series
  • Honours colloquium