Future studies

An undergraduate degree in English provides a great foundation for many future academic  programs. An Honours degree prepares a student for graduate level studies (MA and PhD) in English, while both majors and honours graduates often move on to professional programs like Law, Education, or Library and Information Studies.

  • Law
  • Education
  • Library and Information Studies
  • Journalism
  • MA or PhD in English

Graduate studies

Where our recent graduates are now studying

While many of our undergraduates complete a master's degree, or even a doctorate in English with us here, if they do apply to study elsewhere, the high calibre of universities they go to speaks highly both of the quality of our students and our program.

  • Myra D Bloom (BA'07), in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto
  • Martha Kenney (BA'06), in History of Consciousness at University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Marc Fortin (BA'06), in English at Queen's University
  • Michael Sauve (BA'03, MA'04), in English at University of Chicago