Career opportunities

Studying English teaches skills you can take into any career. You learn essential written and oral communication skills valuable in every field of work. You learn critical thinking abilities in our program: textual analysis, logical analysis, reading and interpretation skills.
Dalhousie English graduates are creative, adaptable, culturally aware and have gone on to do outstanding work in a wide variety of fields. Here are recent examples of careers our alumni have successfully taken:

  • Publishers and literary editors
  • Marketing and advertising copywriters
  • On-air television personalities
  • Film critics and screenwriters
  • Journalists and newspaper editors
  • Community activists

Alumni story

Promoting the benefits of a Dal degree

Ava Czapalay champions Nova Scotian universities and training organizations abroad. As President and CEO of EduNova, she helps universities recruit students and develop international partnerships.

She believes an English degree prepares you for a business career in many ways: English graduates think critically, enjoy teamwork and can present different points of view effectively.

“If you ask presidents and CEOs what the most important thing is about their day to day job, it’s being able to communicate with people.”