What will I learn?

Building a solid foundation for an engineering career

With an Engineering degree from Dalhousie you will be equipped with the problem-solving skills you need for lifelong exploration in a field that answers some of today’s most pressing concerns. You will also gain a solid foundation in math and sciences—essential for success in any engineering career.

A substantial part of the work in first and second year is made up of core classes common to all areas of study. In the fall term of first year, you will be given a Discipline Choice Form to complete, ranking your preferences among the disciplines. Placement in a specific discipline is competitive and based on academic performance in the first year. The elective classes taken in second year depend on the discipline selected.

The first two years, which will be completed in Halifax or Truro, are dedicated to core classes in maths, sciences and engineering sciences and design.

  • Visit the Academic Calendar (Halifax / Truro) to view program options.
Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.