Research opportunities

Whether it's in a course, as part of an honours thesis, or under faculty supervision, most students in the third and fourth years of their undergraduate degrees become actively engaged in some form of research.

  • Honours students write a thesis requiring original research and writing. Honours students also run a year-end conference where they present their work.
  • Many courses require that student do real-world research as a critical learning activity. For example, students in ECON 3800 Financial Economics analyze publicly traded Canadian companies and write research papers about them.
  • Several faculty members are affiliated with SPHERE, the Social Policy, Health and Economics Research Unit. SPHERE supports research that determines the income, health and well-being of Canadians and people around the world.
  • The Macroeconomics and Economic Development (MED) unit is another group based at Dalhousie that supports national and international research related to beliefs and learning in macroeconomic models, among other areas, with an aim of exploring non-traditional approaches to viewing macroeconomics.
  • Browse recent research papers in economics to get a sense of faculty and graduate student research in the Department of Economics.

Faculty research projects

Dr. Talan Iscan - has conducted research on the relationship between school fees and the quality of education in sub-Saharan African countries.

Dr. Shelley Phipps - is working on projects related to the happiness of Canadian children and parents, as well as the economic costs associated with caring for children with disabilities.

Dr. Dan Rosenblum - received a research grant from the US to analyze the elicit drug market's impact on health.

Dr. Courtney Ward - received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to determine whether or not seniors and young people can be better protected from contracting influenza as a result of flu shot programs.

More faculty research

Lars Osberg

Professor Lars Osberg's research focuses on labour economics and how to measure economic well-being, poverty and social inequality.

“One of the big advantages of economics as a discipline is that things have to add up."

Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel

When Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel wrote a microeconomic study on the effects of World War Two bombings on German children, she tracked over 40 years of data, immersing herself in history and personal stories.

“It’s mathematical, but it’s concrete. You communicate with the subject. You do get attached.”