Why study Integrated Science at Dal?

If you love science, the Integrated Science program is for you. This comprehensive first-year program gives you a well-rounded understanding of a wide variety of scientific disciplines and how they're linked together. This option is a good choice for students who are interested in many sciences but are unsure about which area they’d like to focus on.

Integrated Science students learn on and off campus through group work, hands-on field trips, lab experiments and computer-based exercises. You should consider this program if you:

  • have a strong background in high school science and math
  • are well-organized and have good time management skills
  • have solid study skills and work habits
  • enjoy working in small groups
  • want to be immersed in science during your first year

Integrated Science is not a degree program. Think of it as a foundation year in the sciences. After finishing Integrated Science, you join other Bachelor of Science (BSc) students in second-year courses and continue through to graduation, majoring in a field of your choice.

Most students who choose Integrated Science in their first year at Dal end up completing an honours degree in science before moving on to graduate or professional school. 

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First-year program (BSc)