Combining programs

How to mix Computer Science with another field of study

A Bachelor of Computer Science with a minor in Theatre? You can do that at Dalhousie. It might surprise you to discover that you can combine completely different fields of study into one degree.

There are a variety of ways to combine Computer Science with many other academic programs. It’s no more difficult than doing a regular Computer Science degree, and provides you with a formidable combination of two skill sets to take into the job market.

Combinations to consider:

Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science

Double major or combined honours: As part of a double major or combined honours program, Computer Science can be combined with any other Faculty of Arts or Science major or honours subject. With a Bachelor of Science, you may also choose to earn your degree with co-op work terms for more real-world experience.

Bachelor of Computer Science

Minors: There are over 20 minor programs that can be combined with a Bachelor of Computer Science. Examples include everything from history and political science to biology and physics.