Career opportunities

More jobs than potential employees

IT careers have been identified as among the top five hottest jobs in Canada. Throughout North America, there's a shortage of workers in the information technology sector. That make this a great time to study computer science. There are far more jobs than there are potential employees and careers in computer science have among the highest paying starting salaries for undergrads. 

What kind of jobs do our alumni have? 

  • Software Engineers / Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Technical Consultants 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Game Developers 

Computer Science at Dal - a world of opportunity 

Because Computer Science permeates nearly all human endeavours. From business and science to entertainment and medicine, our graduates have found work across all industry sectors. From information communications technology to oceans, healthcare to gaming, choosing Computer Science at Dal opens you up to a world of opportunity through a wide variety of career options. 

Alumnus profile

Man on the [street]view

Ryder Ziola (BCSC’06) works at the Google offices in Seattle, where he and his team are engaged in developing new functionalities and optimizations for the Google Maps app for Android. 

Nobody has seen a paper map in years. Long past are the days when one risked life and limb to fumble with an oversized roadmap in the car. We now entrust our phones to do the tasks, barking out instructions with every turn.

Dalhousie Computer Science alumnus, Ryder Ziola, is aiding this navigation revolution as a Google developer for Android devices. “I’m a software engineer,” he says. “And I work on Google Maps for Android, specifically the turn by turn navigation part.” Learn more about Ryder's story.