Stewart Rand (BCS'11)

A day in the life

Stewart Rand (BCS'11)

You can take electives in almost anything.

A rounded education

Like many of his  (CSgeneration, Stewart Rand not only embraces technology, he has his hands deeply involved in it.

Since his high school days when he started building websites, he’s been interested in the latest technology and computer software. So it’s no great surprise he came to Dalhousie to study Computer Science (CS).

“I really enjoy it,” he says. “There's a lot of variety within the program. You can study everything from animation to user interface design to network security.”

Stewart says this variety applies to more than just the CS program itself.

“You can take electives in almost anything,” he says.

Broadening his horizons

To round out his degree, Stewart has taken courses in subject areas such as commerce, political science, and journalism.

The variety also applies to the activities students can get involved in, such as intramurals, student government, and social events.

During his time on campus, Stewart has been involved with the Computer Science Society and the Dalhousie Student Union.

It was this wide range of opportunities that initially attracted the Bridgewater, Nova Scotia resident to Dalhousie—that and the co-op program. For his co-op, Stewart spent eight months working at a nuclear power plant in Ontario, getting hands-on IT experience.

Stewart feels Dalhousie is a great place to study. “There is something for everyone and it’s a quality university,” he says.