Chris Cook (BCS'11)

A day in the life

Chris Cook (BCS'11)

I’d definitely tell [incoming students] to do co-op. It gave me relevant job experience and also got me a job.

Landing a career

Chris Cook has had a thing for computers since the age of one.

“My dad had a music program that would play music when you hit different keys,” says the Computer Science (CS) student from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Not surprisingly, the youngster would hammer away at the keyboard to make some noise.

While that was Chris’s introduction to computers, the way he uses them has evolved. Motivated by wanting to know how to program them, Chris decided to come to Dalhousie to learn that skill.

Getting involved

As a student, Chris is very engaged in student life. He's a past president of the Computer Science Society, an experience which allowed him to get to better know his peers and professors. He also participated in the co-op program, which is paying dividends for him.

Chris recently accepted a position working as a software developer for an engineering company, where he began working during his second co-op term. He’s currently working on a software program that interfaces with digital hydrophones (sort of like underwater microphones) to display the data they are transmitting.

“I’d recommend students come to Dalhousie,” says Chris. “I’d definitely tell them to do co-op. It gave me relevant job experience and also got me a job.”