What can I do with this degree?

Taking classes in the Cinema and Media Studies program could lead you to a variety of careers related to film or the film industry. With further study, you might even decide to pursue your dream of becoming a filmmaker or producer. Or maybe you'll discover an interest in research, and opt to follow an academic career path.

Whatever your dream job, the Cinema and Media Studies program will help you develop and strengthen your visual analytical skills, as well as critical thinking and writing skills—all of which will be extremely useful to any job in today’s information-based, visually oriented culture.

Some of the careers you could pursue include:

  • publicity coordinator
  • filmmaker
  • talent agent
  • film critic/reviewer
  • screenwriter
  • story editor
  • film director
  • film producer
  • entertainment lawyer
  • teacher or professor
  • film set designer

And the skills you'll learn—from critical analysis to writing—will prepare you for advanced study at the graduate level or in another subject area.

Looking at culture through film
Liz Bishop

After starting out studying in a couple of other subjects areas, student Liz Bishop discovered film studies. So she signed up for a class—and loved it. Liz says she'd love to pursue a career in film once she graduates. More from other students.