Why choose Chemistry at Dalhousie?

All matter around us – every atom, molecule and ion – is composed of chemicals. Studying chemistry helps us protect our environment and influence people's daily lives.

In 1863, Dalhousie's first full-time chemistry professor, George Lawson, was one of two chemistry professors in Canada. Today, with 22 professors, 70 graduate students and 3,000 undergraduates taking our courses, we remain one of the strongest university chemistry programs in Canada.

Our comprehensive faculty provides the most academic depth of any Maritime university. As one of the U15 top research universities in Canada, our healthy research programs enable  undergraduates to work on active research projects with faculty and graduate students.

A big difference you'll notice as a Dal chemistry student, compared to larger universities, is the dedicated role our faculty play as mentors and teachers. “One advantage of Dalhousie," says Professor Jean Burnell, "is that you will have someone who can be regarded as an expert in the field giving you instruction at any level.”

Program details

Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Options

  • BSc or BA (20 credit) Major/Double Major (4 years)
  • BSc or BA (20-credit) Honours/Combined Honours (4 years)
  • Co-op option available for 20-credit programs
  • BSc or BA (15 credit) with Minor in Chemistry (3 years)
  • Minor in Chemistry (3 credits)


Required high school courses:

  • English
  • pre-calculus or calculus
  • 3 additional university preparatory courses


  • chemistry
  • physics

See Admissions Requirements for more information.

Application Deadline and Program Dates

Application deadlines for 2017/18

  • March 1 - Deadline for scholarship consideration for fall semester
  • April 1 - International students (except USA)
  • June 1 - All Canadian and American applications

Other important program dates

Class Size

  • Class sizes average 70 students per class
  • First-year lectures range from 150-300 students
  • Upper-year classes are much smaller

Tuition Fees

Use our Fee Calculator to estimate the cost of a full year at Dalhousie.

Residence & Housing

Whether you're applying to one of our residence halls or you’re looking for help with an off-campus apartment search, Dalhousie’s Residence and Housing services can help.

Housing options

  • Meal plans
  • Dorm-style traditional residences
  • Apartment-style, non-traditional
  • Off-campus housing