What can I do with this degree?

Make a career of it

Former students in Dal’s Canadian Studies program have found that its interdisciplinary approach has benefited them in a wide range of activities and careers, including journalism, business, teaching at all levels, and law.

The Canadian Studies program’s interdisciplinary approach, as well as the small class sizes, provide you with many opportunities to develop your critical-thinking skills, as well as your oral and written communication skills. Whatever your career interests, you’ll be sought by employers looking for graduates who can comfortably navigate and contribute to Canada’s multicultural and often complex society.

Here are some of the career options available to graduates from the Canadian Studies program (further study may be required):

  • teacher
  • professor
  • librarian
  • historian
  • lawyer
  • editor (of Canadian magazines or journals)
  • policy advisor
  • Aboriginal affairs officer
  • communications officer
  • community program worker
  • customs officer
  • economic geographer
  • statistician
  • military strategist
  • immigration policy researcher
  • immigration officer
  • museum guide
  • exhibition curator
  • heritage worker
  • Parks Canada worker
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Future studies

You’ll acquire knowledge in a variety of fields that prepares you well for further study—either in Canadian-related topics or in another area, such as journalism, law, art history, education, anthropology, sociology, political science, or French or English.

Below are some of the options for future study after completing the Canadian Studies program at Dalhousie:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) or Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)
  • Bachelor of Education (Bed)
  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Master of Journalism
  • PhD