Why take Canadian Studies at Dalhousie?

In this era of globalized economies and a growing sense of international citizenship and responsibilities, Canadian studies programs are enjoying a renaissance. Knowing ourselves and our place in the world as Canadians remains a legitimate—even urgent—task for students and scholars alike, as we adapt to the many changes happening around us, both nationally and internationally.

Canadian Studies reaches across departments and faculties to allow you to understand Canada from many different perspectives, whether historical, economic, political, sociological—or even musical. The program has always been based on a very strong tradition of research and teaching in a wide range of disciplines, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Science, and other associated faculties and professional schools.

The flexibility of the Canadian Studies program lets you tailor your studies to your specific interests. At the heart of the program are four core or required courses that you build on by choosing from a long list of others that are approved cross-listings. Whatever your perspective, it will be broadened as you engage with students and cross-appointed professors from a wide range of other disciplines.

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)