Why study Business Management at Dal?

The Diploma in Business Management program offered at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture in Truro brings you closer to a future in an animal or plant-related industry. Working in and out of the classroom, you'll acquire business skills like accounting, writing and decision-making, while exploring topics relevant to one of the following specialties:

Dairy Farming

If you're looking to run your own dairy farm, gain employment as a herdsperson or venture into other fields within the dairy industry, this is the specialty for you. You'll study the science of dairy cows as well as explore challenges and opportunities in the dairy business.


Love horses and want to make a career out of working with them? A Business Management Technology Diploma focused in the Equine specialty is a major step toward that goal. You'll leave the program with a scientific understanding of the biology of the horse, along with the business background to manage or contribute to a horse-related business.


In this specialty, you'll develop the business skills and scientific knowledge required to manage a farm or find other rewarding careers in the agriculture business. You can also build a program of study that matches your goals by choosing from electives in livestock, field crops and horticulture and gain practical experience with an internship.


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