Sample courses

The course content of this minor reflects the diverse origins of African-Canadian people, from those who have been here for eight generations to recent arrivals from different points of the globe.

As a student in the minor program, you'll examine the history and culture of Black Canadians and communities of African origin throughout the world, through the lens Critical Race Theory, Black Feminist thought and other critical perspectives.

The program's core course, Introduction to African Canadian Studies begins with a walking tour of Halifax to identify sites of Black culture, activities and settlement in the surrounding community. From there, you'll broaden your field of view to include topics ranging from history to music to literature to spirituality.

Students who wish to understand the past, present and future of African-Canadians, as well as the legacy of spirituality, art and culture created by communities across the African diaspora, will discover a rich learning experience in the program.

PHIL 2165
Philosophy and the Black Experience

This is an introduction to Africana philosophy, that is, philosophy by and about people of African descent. It will begin with a brief look at philosophical thought in precolonial Africa and then turn to consider philosophical thought produced in the wake of slavery and colonization.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a 1st year writing requirement course.

SOSA 2005
Introduction to African Canadian Studies: Society, History and Culture

There has been a presence of African peoples in Canada for over 400 years; however, the rich histories of African-Canadian people have been often ignored. This course examines African Canadian society and culture from the historical to contemporary period. Topics will include patterns of immigration and settlement, slavery, family, continental African and diasporic connections, identity, arts and culture, education, religion, employment, justice and the law, the media, diasporic debates, Black struggles and resistance, and African Canadian achievements. The course will be taught from a critical race and gender perspective, and will include readings about the diverse Black communities across Canada.


Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

CTMP 2115
The Idea of Race in Philosophy, Literature and Art

This course focuses on contemporary conceptions and representations of race, and on their relations to culture, history, ideology, science, and everyday lived experience. We will trace the development of the modern idea of race, in relation to European colonialism and to the development of science. We will examine contemporary debates on the concept of race in the works of philosophers, writers, artists, and social activists, considering the intersections of race, class, and gender.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.