Career opportunities

Studying Biology provides you with a solid preparation for a satisfying career in one of many diverse disciplines, including education, veterinary science, medicine, dentistry, or other health professions.

With more courses offered than at any other university in the Atlantic region, Dalhousie is one of the best places to be exposed to a wide range of subjects. This will help make your decision about what to pursue easier. If you already have a profession in mind, Dalhousie provides opportunities to take courses that are highly relevant to your interests.

What you learn in Biology extends beyond knowledge of living things. You’ll also learn skills such as writing, oral presentation, computer literacy, research methods, and problem solving. No matter your chosen career, you’ll be able to apply these valuable skills on the job.

A BSc in Biology is a good starting point for careers in a variety of areas related to the study of life on earth. You could pursue employment as one of the following (further study may be required):

  • researcher
  • zoologist
  • dentist
  • environmental scientist
  • terrestrial ecologist
  • forensic biologist
  • genetic counsellor
  • mine site remediator
  • professor
  • teacher
  • veterinarian
  • doctor