A day in the life

Outside the classroom

A breath of fresh air

As a student in Dalhousie’s Biology program, your learning experience will be enhanced by a wide range of  activities happening beyond the doors of the Biology lecture hall.

Here are just a few of the activities you can choose from:

  • Volunteer or work in a prof’s lab, helping out with a vital research project.
  • Visit the greenhouse on the eighth floor of the Life Sciences Building, and marvel at the range of cactus and other plant species.
  • Take part in the SEASIDE program, and spend your summer term outdoors exploring the diverse flora and fauna of Nova Scotia.
  • Check out the Aquatron, a facility that includes a giant tank used by profs in the Biology, Marine Biology, and Oceanography programs to house and study freshwater and marine species.
  • Participate in student-organized shoreline clean-ups in the spring, making Nova Scotia’s beaches even more beautiful.
  • In our Scientific Imaging Suite (SIS), you'll find microscopes, digital-imaging equipment and several printers.
  • Join the Dalhousie Association of Biology Students (DABS), and connect with other students for fun events—and help with your studies, if you need it.
  • Study topics of special interest—in biology—that are not otherwise offered in the curriculum. Fourth-year students can identify a professor who is conducting research in a related area and request they supervise these special topics classes.
  • Take a study break in the Victorian-style McCulloch Museum, with its dozens of mounted bird specimens, aquarium fish, and the Lorenzen ceramic mushrooms.
  • Experiential learning classes allow you to work outside the classroom gaining hands-on experience in a research laboratory.
  • Do the Science Co-op program and spend your work terms applying your knowledge and skills to a real-world work situation—and learn new skills, too.
  • Our honours program gives you the opportunity to collect new data or perhaps you'll develop new techniques.

Student story

Keeping his eyes on the ball
Daniel You—Biology Student

Daniel You has been working hard so he can apply to medical school after he graduates with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology. But he makes sure to maintain balance and just enjoy life. For one thing, he's been a star player on Dal's varsity volleyball team. Read more about how Daniel balances his studies with his athletic pursuits.

"Volleyball is an outlet—when I'm out on the court, I don't think about school or other things."