Transfer applicants


NEW: For students starting classes September 2019

If you have studied at a university or college recognized by Dalhousie, you may receive credit for course work already completed. To be assessed for and receive credit, you will need:

  • To have confirmed your offer of admission
  • A final course grade of 'C' or higher
  • A course that is equivalent to one offered at Dalhousie
  • A course that applies to your program of study
  • To have completed the course within the time period to transfer to Dalhousie

How does it work?

A Transfer Credit Request Form [PDF - 427kB] must be completed to start the process of assessing your previous academic work once you have confirmed your acceptance by paying the non-refundable admissions deposit.

To avoid formatting errors, we recommend that you save a copy of the Transfer Credit Request Form to your desktop, before completing and submitting it. 

You will want to have this form nearby as you complete the steps below:


For students starting classes Winter or Spring/Summer 2019

If you are starting classes in Winter or Spring/Summer of 2019, the transfer credit process will not change. Please review and complete the transfer credit process as outlined below.



Call the Admissions and Transfer Credit Team at (902) 494-2450 or email

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