Teaching and mentorship

Faculty members in Dal's Arts and Social Sciences programs give much more than just lectures, assignments and grades. Our professors are also mentors who guide students in their exploration of the world and their preparation for life beyond university.

Meet some of the professors who shape Dal students:

Rohan Maitzen, English

“(Reading carefully) is an incredibly transferable skill for everything from advertising to TV shows to newspaper articles and political speeches.”

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Roberta Barker, Theatre

“She is such a dynamic professor and is clearly in love with her subject.”

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Bob Huish, International Development Studies
IDs Dr Bob Huish

"Some of the biggest social movements have started on university campuses, so hey, why stop now?”

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Diana Lewis, Indigenous Studies
Diana Lewis profile

“I understand the treaty relationships and the current issues our communities are facing, so I felt like I was a good candidate to be able to speak to those kinds of concepts that we’re trying to teach.”

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